Smiter, Uber Hunter Build

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The ultimate uber hunter is always the Paladin smiter. What better way to get started with a fresh season than a fully geared smiter ready to run Uber tristram or kill Diablo clones. Armed with the base gear needed to help your friends with all their rare Diablo 2 monster encounters.
Helmet: Crown of Ages (2 soc / 10-14% DR)
Armor: Fortitude (Your choice of base)
Weapon: Grief (34-39 IA / 350-399 Damage)
Shield: Exile – 34-44 Res
Amulet: Mara Kaleidoscope +20-24 All Resist
Rings: Dwarf Star/Raven Frost
Belt: Thunder God’s Vigor
Gloves: Dracul’s Grasp
Boots: Sandstorm Trek

Inventory: 9x Pcombs

Call to Arms Flail/Crystal Sword – 4-5 BO
Spirit Monarch – 25-29% FCR


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2 reviews for Smiter, Uber Hunter Build

  1. RyzerAsante

    Nice Reliable Build, Def be back for more builds best D2 shop ever

  2. ApolloDiablo

    An uber smiter is a must have. I would recommend this build for ubers anyday. Thanks for the gear pack

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