10x MF Hammerdin Bots + Kolbot/Proxy Setup

$30.00 $25.00 / month and a $299.00 sign-up fee

Our specialist will set you up with 10 fully geared, level 80+ Magic Finding hammerdins that you can leave running in your computer’s background while you enjoy life.
Order includes a proxy setup and 5 IP addresses in the region of your choice.

Average setup time is less than 30 minutes and is done through a scheduled session with our technician done via desktop remote access. The entire process is simple, secure and you can always upgrade more bots in the future as well as get help from our private discord channel of 200+ botting enthusiasts.


All hammerdin paladin bots are equipped with end game magic finding gear and 75+ resist. They are able to run all bosses and paths in Hell solo or in a full party.

Here is an example of the build you will find on one of the hammerdin bots.

Weapon: Heart of the Oak 35+ res
Helmet: Um’d Shako
Armor: Archon Plate Enigma
Belt: Arachnids
Amulet: 28 Maras
Shield: Herald of Zakarum – Guilded Shield 45 res
Rings: Nagelring 30MF x2
Gloves: Chance Guards – 25-39% MF
Boots: War Traveler 30-49% MF
Inventory: Gheeds 25-39 MF  +7 MF small charm x5

Switch Weapon: 3/4/2 Call to Arms crystal sword
Switch Shield: Spirit Shield

Eth Insight

Life and mana after BO
Life: 2783 Mana: 754

Total damage of main skills List name and Damage
Blessed Hammer
Damage: 10k

List resists in hell: 90/75/75/75


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