ESCL – Level 85 Sorceress (Blizzard) + Starter Gear


Full gear List: goldskin
blackhand key wand
res gloves.
tals mask
+1 sorc/24str/1energey/59mana/16 res ammy
ancients pledge sheild
cold/fire/psn res boots
10fcr/res ring
5ll/10 mana light fire ring

switch: none

inventory: mana / health potions

Life and mana after BO (no BO)
Life: 964 Mana: 312

Total damage of main skills List name and Damage

Damage: 975-1025 ice balst 2214-2394 blizzard

Magic find amount: 0

List resists in hell: 75/75/75/44

stash random gheeds / low runes

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