Hammerdin, The Unstoppable Build

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Do you want to kill mobs of enemies up close without the worry of dying or being in danger?
One of the most popular, and arguably the strongest build is the Hammerdin. Little to no monsters in Diablo’s forces can stop this Holy fellow. With one swift movement, he calls upon Hammers to barrage his enemies, equipped with the right gear (such as this pack) he can clear any area in the game with ease. Why struggle through the game when you can DOMINATE it!
Helmet: Harlequin Crest Shako +98-129 defense
Armor: Enigma +750-769 defense
Weapon: Heart of the Oak Flail +30-34 All Resist
Shield: Herald of Zakarum – 150-199% ED
Amulet: Mara Kaleidoscope +20-24 All Resist
Rings: Dwarf Star/Raven Frost
Belt: Arachnid Mesh
Gloves: Magefist +20-29% ED
Boots: Sandstorm Trek

Inventory: 9x Pcombs

Call to Arms Flail/Crystal Sword – 4-5 BO
Spirit Monarch – 25-29% FCR


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3 reviews for Hammerdin, The Unstoppable Build

  1. RyzerAsante

    Best Price to get your hdin going, GG items for cheap

  2. ApolloDiablo

    Really can’t beat a hammerdin when it comes to magic find and pvm. This gear pack will let you get right in and start finding GG loots from the start. Highly recommend this combined with a power leveled paladin.

  3. Andrew (verified owner)

    This build is OP! Easily runs Hell with no trouble. I would 100% use these guys again. 10/10 for service.

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