EUHCL level 95 hammerdin


Full gear:
Main Weapon: Hoto 34
Amulet: Mara 28
Armor: Enigma AP 1226 def
Helm: Shako Um
Sheild: HOZ Clean
Belt: Verdungo 15
Ring 1: Raven
Ring 2: Dwarf
Gloves: Trang-Ouls

4 combat skillers
Gheed 39
3x 18 life Small Charms
1x 20 Life Small Charm
2x resist Small Charms
Paladin Torch 13/17

Weapon: CTA: 6 Bo
Sheild: Lidless Eye

Armor: Eth Forti
Helm: Eth Andy
Weapon: Eth Insight

12k hammer dmg
3372 life with BO
Max Block


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