ESCL level 86 Javazon


Full gear List:
Helm: Griffon’s 5/5’d
Amulet: 27 mara
Ring 2: Bul-Kathos
Ring 1: manaleech 20 strength res ringx1
Belt: Razortail
Gloves: 3/20 gloves
Boots: silkweaves
Armor: CoH DS
Sheild: random spirit
Weapon: Eth Titans

SHeild: spirit bo
Weapon: 3 bo cta

10/14 zon torch
9x Javelin and Spear skillers
9x 20 Life Small Charms

Helm: ral’d andy’s
Armor: duriel’s shell
Weapon: Eth CV Infinity

Life and mana after BO
Life: 2462 Mana: 444

Damage: lightning fury -3.7K

resists in hell:


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