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New Ultra-rare Bugged Items

Remember the bugged items from patch 1.07-1.09? Such as the Wizspike Magefist gloves, and the Zod bugged Fortitudes. These items still exist in the hands of a few people, even the dupes are extremely rare. Fortunately we have some of them instock for any hardcore Diablo 2 fan who wants to get their hands on an extremely rare, collectible bugged item.

Here’s some of what we have in stock:

Grief destruction Bug Hybrid
Hybrid Doom grief Hybrid
hybrid doom beast hybrid
Perfect eth zod Bugged Fortitude quantity 2 their 44.95 each
Bitter Band Ring (3 quantity)
Eagle turn x 2 quantity
Chaos knot
Blood Loop x 3 quantity
Perfect annihilius (duped)
Imp Shank quantity 6x
Shadow knuckle amulet
Hybrid phoniex spirit
Bugged Wizspike Magefists
Order spur boots
Bugged chaos claw
Bone nail boots
Wraith brands boots
2008 Highlords
40/15 ED Zod bugged eth Perfect Gaze

Check it out our inventory today by visiting our Godly Unperms section.

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