Hammerdin Gear + Optional Character


Welcome Diablo Fans, Come Get yourself a Hammerdin Setup, The most powerful character in the game.
On Non Ladder you can pick Gear only or a Premade Level 94+
On Ladder & Hardcore you Can Select Gear Only OR Select the 1-80 Leveling to Include that Too.

Be sure to Leave ur Account/password/char name Otherwise We will Give you a premade Level 80

Harlequin Crest Shako
Enigma Mage Plate
Mara’s Kaleidoscope 25-29 Resist All
Hoto flail
Herald of Zakarum
Nagelring – 30% MF
Nagelring – 30% MF
Chance Guards – 35+% MF
War Traveler 40% MF
Gheed’s Fortune 35% MF+
10 x Pack – 7% Magic Find SC (plain)
4 x Pack Paladin Combat GC (Plain)

unmade Call to Arms CS / Flail

Insight Ethereal CV/CA
Duriel Shell

Delivery Time: 24 Hours +- That is Including Leveling Time 🙂



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