Diablo 2 Bot Setup (KolBot) + Pickit + Advanced Config

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What is This?

This is a Setup for a Automatic Bot Program named Kolbot.
This is for Diablo 2 Expansion.

I will Login over Teamviewer while your around, setup everything in about 15 mins and all you do is Click Start and within mins youll be finding
items like skill charms, High Runes, Uniques like Shako and Much Much More.

This includes:
all Bot files
Pickit Files (keep item config)
Custom craft lines and Config ive learned over the years (making the bot even more efficient)
You also get access to our Discord which is dedicated to helping
all customers who buy this, You may want to check out the CDkey section next
you can run 2 or 3 characters at once on your home ip Address.

if you need MF characters i can provide them for a Small Price just
Email me at:    Sales@d2gamers.com

4 reviews for Diablo 2 Bot Setup (KolBot) + Pickit + Advanced Config

  1. Zyski

    Set up is super easy and dummy proof! Would’ve spent days on it figuring it out myself

  2. ApolloDiablo

    Real time saver. It’s a great program but can be information overload for someone starting out. This helped me learn a lot and I was able to ask questions and it did not take very long either. Thanks!

  3. Ronald Morgan (verified owner)

    Works great. Eric had it set up in no time.

  4. ADAM JAMES (verified owner)

    Setup was quick and easy. Would refer in the future! Keep up the good work and great customer support.

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