FoH Equipment (Power) w/ merc


Griffon’s Eye – 20/15% Light DMG
Chains of Honor – Dusk Shroud
Heart of the Oak – 40 All Res
Herald of Zakarum – 200% ED
Mara’s Kaleidoscope – 30 All Res
2x Stone of Jordan
Arachnid Mesh – 120% ED
Magefist – 30% ED
Waterwalk – 65 Life
Paladin Torch 17+/17+
9 x Pack Paladin Combat Skills GC (plain)
10x 20 to Life Small Charm
1x Annihilus 20 Stats/20 Resists/5-7 Experience

Call To Arms CS/Flail – 6 bo
Spirit Akaran Targe(Paladin)

Infinity Eth CV/CA
Forti Ethereal AP
Andy’s face



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