Unmade Enigma + Hoto + Cta Pack

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The Holy Trinity to get your character ready to head into the depths of Hell.  With this pack you are guaranteed to have an upper hand on the battlefield. You will be considered a leader to those around you. Don’t wait for the journey, start it today by purchasing this pack!

Unmade Enigma (AP, MP, Dusk)

Unmade Hoto Flail

Unmade Call To Arms (Flail or Crystal Sword)


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2 reviews for Unmade Enigma + Hoto + Cta Pack

  1. ApolloDiablo

    Great bases, great services! I even rolled some great rolls. Good investment early ladder, thanks!

  2. Miakrath

    This is where you go for f*cking great items i rolled 454 cta i can finaly do diabaal thanks you a lot!

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