Our Philosophy

Gamers Helping Gamers

It all started by chance when Agent42 and NinjAChurch met on a popular d2 forum. Each brought a unique skill to the table that made it possible to create this site, as well as many other sister companies. Both have a strong passion for gaming and expanding the game’s inner capabilities for everyone. You no longer have to pay outrageous prices and deal with foreign customer support, we’ve built our process with gamers in mind so the point from checkout to gaming is as quick and smooth as possible.

Our inventory is as stocked as any other, and we also have the most creative and expansive selection so anyone can enjoy the game at whatever level they’d like. For those with a thirst for pushing the game to its absolute boundaries, our proxies and bot solutions are second to none, contact us today for a personal response to any questions or inquiries.


-D2Gamers Team