+5/+5 Facet Jewel

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Example: 1x  +5%/-5 Resist Unique Facet (level up version) – pick Lightning , cold , fire or poison


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4 reviews for +5/+5 Facet Jewel

  1. flumpier

    Super cheap on the 5/5 light facet lvl, will be returning for more sales. Enjoying this d2 shop!

  2. Kaxaba

    Thanks d2gamers! Haven’t found a single 5/5 all season u saved meh!

  3. ApolloDiablo

    Thanks for coming through with the 5/5 light facet. I have had a hard time finding them. Thanks for the speedy service

  4. Miakrath

    Thanks you my psn nova necro is geting awesome with this facet very usefull

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